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NOS X700 Complete Streaming Bundle—a comprehensive solution that equips you with all the essential tools to kickstart your streaming journey.

With the NOS X700 Bundle, you’ll receive a high-quality Digital USB cardioid microphone designed to deliver crystal-clear audio while effectively eliminating background noise. Whether you prefer mounting it on a tripod or placing it directly on your table, the microphone offers versatility to suit your setup.

To ensure stability and minimize vibrations, we’ve included a durable boom arm with an anti-vibration mount. This boom arm can be easily clamped to your desk, providing a secure and convenient placement for your microphone.

Capturing your content in stunning detail is made effortless with the included Full-HD streaming camera. Experience vibrant colors and exceptional image quality that enhances your visual presence during streaming sessions.

The NOS X700 Bundle also features a Ring Light, a vital component for achieving perfect lighting while streaming. Illuminate your face evenly and eliminate shadows for a professional and polished look.

Simplifying your connectivity needs, the entire set is conveniently collected in the supplied USB hub. With this hub, you’ll only need to utilize one USB output on your computer, reducing clutter and streamlining your setup.

With the NOS X700 Complete Streaming Bundle, you have everything you need right at your fingertips to embark on a successful streaming journey. Elevate your audio, video, and lighting game with this all-inclusive package designed specifically for streamers like you.

NOX X700 Complete Streaming Bundle, includes:
– Digital USB cardioid microphone
– Full HD streaming camera
– USB ring light (incl. screen mount)
– Compact USB hub with 4 ports
– Boom arm with anti-vibration mount
– Tripod stand (for use with microphone/ring light/webcam)
– USB cable
– 3/8” adapter
– 2/8” adapter


X500 MICROPHONE + BOOM KIT Professional USB microphone with cardioid recording pattern. The directed capture pattern will provide a clean and distortion free audio capture with a focus on you, the user. The full kit features desk mountable boom arm with adjustable angle and direction, an advanced anti-vibration shock mount with open front to microphone controls and a pop-filter absorbing hissing sounds for a professional level speech recording. The microphone features a volume controller, a mute-button and indicator as well as headphone connector jack to make your audio setup more centralized. Easy to assemble kit and digital USB connection for instant and effortless setup. A perfect kit for gaming and streaming! Package contents:  USB Microphone  Boom arm with desk mount  Advanced shock mount with open front  Large pop-filter  USB-cable

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