About Your New Home...

PvP centric and PvE friendly, Novus is a modern recreation of one of North America's largest free UO servers. If you have any more questions, check our wiki!

  • Over 100 magic spells planned; all of your UO favorites and more!
  • GM all 40+ skills on one character with no stat caps!
  • Increased XP rate; twice the gains!
  • Personal daily power hour (free) and global player-controller power hour (item trashing).
  • Player-initiated pvp events! WHO WANTS TO PLAY COLOR WARS?
  • Custom Quests coming soon, rewarding players with unique weapons and abilities.


  • Khiafin Developer Lead/Admin
  • Muska Staff Lead/Admin
  • Verlorens Sr. Developer/GM
  • Endoplasm Wiki Master/Counselor
  • Grave Counselor
  • Dave Counselor
  • Vik Chat Support/Moderator

How to connect

  1. Get the LoA Launcher from your Legends of Aria dashboard
  2. cluster1.shardsonline.com:5125 Pop that URL the address bar on the server list and click [CONNECT] or simply find us in the Community list: nos.gg // Novus Redux
  3. Spawn anywhere; have fun!


  • Do NOT exploit bugs; report them! There's a is a gold bounty in it for you if you do
  • No racism, sexism, or hate-spewing; be respectful
  • No griefing, or excessive trolling
  • Macroing/afk botting is allowed

You get three strikes. Our jail script logs them, so your sentence is automatic. Third strike is a ban.